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Kinks and Such.....

I'm pretty much open, scat and urine would be a no, and Non-con from the victim side.
IM to ask, or reply here?
I'm new to this make list deal.

New Character!

Julianna is from Anita Blake. She's the Human servant of Asher, and part of a menage a Trois with Jean-Claude and Asher.
She was burnt to death at the stake for being a witch. But this being for RP being dead isn't fun to play.
Belle Morte, failed to save the human. She did die. But before she died her spirit was pulled from her body, and she then woke to find herself alive and unharmed in a multi dimensional Nexus. She is once again alive.
All from here is new.......

Asher Roshan

Name: Asher Roshan


Appearance: (Travis Fimmel) Long blonde hair, blue eyes, delicate but manly features.(In human form) When using his abilities his hair is blood red and so are his eyes.

Distingushing Features: tattoo on each wrist of a Japanese symbol,

Race (if human/demon/vampire/etc) or occupation (hunter, shop assistant etc): A Kappa (water imp). He can enchant with his voice. And breath underwater. Can take a lot of abuse before death. He can also control water to a point, and can heal minor wounds. (Most stories about Kappas as far as he knows are untrue, or maybe he's a different type)

Brief Personal Bio: He grew up with a human family after his biological family were killed. He only found out what he was after an accident on holiday. He became a singer, being able to enchant with his voice is handy for that. He also can make people feel what he wants them too (Only when singing). Since finding out he has a stalker he's been learning martial arts, and is on a break from his band despite being on the brink of fame. He's unsure what his stalker wants, but fears the worst.

Personality: Sweet and friendly but can be sarcastic and bitchy. Likes playing pranks. Considers himself human

Any additional notes: If a human were to put enchanted magic bands on his wrists he'd become their slave, having to do whatever he is ordered too until once again freed. (The magic bands involve a certain spell and symbols matching the tattoos)

Father son bonding

Little match girl

This video I found on Youtube but I first saw it as an extra feature on the little mermaid dvd, anyway it's really beautiful so enjoy.



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