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Meeting an Elder

Rp with mymusable

Christian smiled sitting outside his appartment watching the movers moving things into the formally vacant appartment. "Hmm I wonder" he smiled seeing a guy "oooooooh tastey" he grinned "Need a hand?" he asked what the hand was for was another matter.

Aaron looked up, giving a ready friendly smile. He'd taken off the suit jacket that had his name badge on the pocket, and the sleeves of his white dress shirt were rolled up to the elbows. The church had already arranged for the place to be furnished, it was just a couple of suitcases and boxes. Clothing and stuff for himself and his companion, and the other pair that would be moving in soon. "Not much to carry." that didn't sound polite, so he added "But if you feel like being neighborly you can grab that suitcase, the wheels are broken."

Christian smiled jumping up and walking over "Sure thing sweetcheeks I can help" he smiled picking up the suitcase "You here long?" he had a way of making everything sound like a sexual innuendo

"Two years." at the same time it sounded like a long time and just a little while, the way he said it. He'd completely missed the innuendo, he was just glad that the people here were friendlier than he'd expected.

"Well thats long enough" he smiled brightly, "And I live just downstairs, feel free to just come down to me anytime"

"Wow, thanks." He pushed the door open with his hip, going straight to dump everything onto his bed, it was the twin on the right side of the room. Another man was busily arranging things on the opposite side of the room. "Put it anywhere." he smiled, then turned to his companion "This is our neighbor uh...." he flushed, realizing he hadn't introduced himself or gotten the man's name yet "Oh, I'm so sorry..."

"Christian" the camp young man smiled offering a hand to be kissed rather than shook.

Aaron shook the hand, but gingerly in case it was injured or something. "Elder Aaron Davis, this is my companion Elder Paul Ryder."

"Elder?" he asked "You don't look old........." he said looking at the pair, "But I guess it depends on elder to what?"

"oh... Its like a title... We're missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints."

"Oh" Christian said carefully, he'd met more than his share of the religious types, and none of the meetings had gone well. "Well they let you out?" he smiled.

Laughter. Aaron had met a lot of people who were eihter curious or skeptical, and anyway the whole point of the mission was to talk about the church and convert those who found it as a Truth. "When a boy is eighteen he goes on his mission for two years, sharing Christs teachings with those who are willing to learn." perceptive, he added more softly "Its not a force feeding, it'd be wasting both of our time to try preaching at someone who doesn't want to hear it. But if you ever do get curious..."

"Sure I could listen to anything coming from those lips"

Aaron and his companion exchanged a look, they'd both caught the innuendo that time, it was blatant. Aaron blushed, then tried to recover and pretend he didn't understand "We're mostly soft spoken people where I come from."

Christian smiled, oh this was fun, "I'm sure, then tell me a little something of your church........."

Another look was exchanged, this time excited. They'd just been assigned here and already met someone who wanted to hear... Aaron found himself wanting to hug Christian, he'd heard so many tales of bad experiences and already this one was going so wonderfully. "Sure, lets go into the living room where we can sit down." Ryder had already grabbed his scriptures and was leading the way.

Christian smiled, two good looking guys just desparate to talk to him. He smiled studying Christans behind as they walked "Anything about Sodom and Gomorrah?" he asked "They're the ones with lots of sex right?"

The back of his ears turned pink but Aaron didn't respond. Ryder started to say something, stopped, started again, stopped, sat with his mouth hanging open.

Christian looked at the pair "and...........?"

Aaron recovered first "Well... First of all, we believe in the sanctity of marriage and family... Sexual relations for procreation, within a union blessed and recognized by..." he swallowed, glancing away from the look in the man's eyes. He knew the look, he'd had a girlfriend back home and they'd come pretty close to breaking that rule "We believe that premarital sex is a sin. We also don't drink alcohol, coffee, tea, do any form of non prescribed drugs, or have any fun." He smiled, looking at Christian straight on again. "Well, that last one was a joke."

"Sure it was just a joke?" he asked looking well, uncomfortable. "I think I'm already ruled out" he said with a shrug "Seeing as I've been doing all of the no's in excess for a while"

Ryder looked... judgemental. Aaron just smiled "If you truly repented of your sins... and its not like the catholics going to confession and doing the same things again the next week." he wasn't poking fun, not more than a tiny bit at least, but Ryder was still glaring at him now instead of Christian. "Anyone can be saved."

"I like guys to much to just, give 'em up" he grinned at Aaron, such a sexy man, "And I don't think your friend believes I'm saveable......."

Ryder made a comment, something about the church's opinions on Homosexuality... but Aaron interrupted him quickly "anyone is, if they want to be." he gave his companion a Look "Christ's Love is there for *anyone* who wants to accept him into their hearts." Things weren't going as well as he'd thought, it looked like instead of the assignment or the people, it was his companion that was going to be a pain in the behind. Great.

Christian looked at Ryder before telling Aaron "Maybe it'll be best if I go, wouldn't want my gayness to rub off on you both" he smiled hand brushing Ryders thigh as he said that,

Aaron stood up immediately, moving between the two of them, holding out his hand. "If you'd ever like to talk or anything. We aren't all stuffed shirts, I promise."

Christian smiled shaking Aaron's hand "Maybe I'll see you around then" he said softly "You too" he smirked at Ryder

Aaron walked with Christian to the door, stepping outside and pulling it shut behind him "I'm sorry about that..."

Christian dismissed the apology with a wave of his hand "Don't worry about it, I've come across those sorts of attitudes time and time and again. Everyone is allowed their own opinion" he smiled "Just a shame we're all denied of a body as fit as yours"

Aaron looked down at himself, embarassed. "I... take care of myself, keep in shape. Its healthy." seemed defensive more than embarassed for some reason.

He smiled "And you seem very healthy" he smiled watching him "Stunning shape"

Another blush, much more of it and he'd be permenantly pink. "thanks" he stammered out "I... thanks." in spite of himself, he glanced at Christian for a second, taking in the other man's physique as fit as his own. "You look pretty um..." oh that sounded wrong, so wrong "Is there a gym here?" some apartment complexes came with them "I noticed a basketball court.."

He smiled warmly enjoying the reaction he was getting from the Elder, "yeah, could show you it some time....... get you hot and sweaty"

The doorknob was starting to turn behind him, he put on a bright smile as Ryder opened the door "Maybe we can pick up a basketball and have a game sometime." his companion had spent a few minutes thinking over his behavior, and by way of apology gave a nod of agreement, muttering something about it could be fun.

"Sure," Christian said brightly taking a step back to give the pair space "I've got a couple of friends who might be willing to make it doubles"

Nodding "Saturday is when we're free for relaxing, grocery shopping, letters home and everything."

"Its a date"

Aaron winced, but his companion didn't rise to the bait that time, just turned and went back inside.

Christian managed to resist the urge to kiss Aaron's cheek "See you later" he smiled turning to leave

"Yeah..." he watched Christian go, partially because he couldn't help it... mostly to delay the arguement he knew he was about to have as he told Ryder that he was going to continue the friendship. It was possible the man could be saved, and Aaron had decided to make a project of it. Ryder wouldn't do that, but if he quoted the right passages and leaned heavily on Christ's love and forgiveness, he'd talk him into it by Saturday.

Christian could feel eyes on him, he'd also decided on a project, his a little different



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